Mandarins: properties and nutritional values

Tangerines are considered the younger sisters of oranges. They are not only smaller, but also sweeter. However, they differ from oranges and other citrus fruits in the content of vitamins and other nutrients. Although grapefruits and lemons are a treasury of vitamin C, they only contain nobiletin – a flavonoid that helps fight obesity, prevent […]

How to care for your hands in the age of coronavirus?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, specialists recommend frequent hand washing and sanitizing, but all these treatments, unfortunately, hurt the hands. How to take care of them during this difficult time? Healthy and well-groomed hands are our best business card. If the skin of the hands is maintained in good condition, it is an effective protective […]

Magnesium – deficiency, sources, effects

Magnesium is of great importance for many processes occurring in the human body. Magnesium deficiency can have serious consequences, so it’s important to maintain proper magnesium levels . If you use sedatives or contraceptives, laxatives and diuretics and you do not eat too healthy, you must pay attention to whether the amount of magnesium in […]

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