Mixtures with 3 ingredients that cleanse the liver of toxins

Mixtures with 3 ingredients that cleanse the liver of toxins

Good liver condition guarantees health and well-being. It is one of our largest and most important internal organs. It participates in the metabolism of toxins, which causes its damage that can lead to cirrhosis. In order to prevent liver diseases and, as a consequence, diseases of the whole organism (including immunological and metabolic ones) or toxin poisoning and to support its cleansing, it is worth drinking the following mixtures with detoxifying effects.

1. Liver functions

The liver is the body responsible for, among others behind:

  • blood purification
  • energy storage (accumulates, produces and releases glucose),
  • fat management and digestion ,
  • detoxification of the body (neutralizes toxins of internal and external origin),
  • regulating metabolic processes,
  • plasma protein synthesis,
  • absorption and storage of vitamins.

Many habits have a negative impact on liver health, including drinking alcohol , carbonated beverages with a high sugar content, and smoking cigarettes (these are chemical bombs). In addition, greasy, fried and spicy foods have a bad effect on it. Taking excess medicine is also important.

If you notice symptoms such as disgust in your mouth, belching, white or yellow coating on your tongue or nausea, it is worth implementing measures to cleanse the liver.

Mixtures with 3 ingredients that cleanse the liver of toxins

2. Liver cleansing mixtures

2.1. Recipe First

Ingredients list:

  • half a kilo of apples,
  • half a lemon
  • celery stalk (optional).

A method of preparing:

We wash apples. We cut them into quarters, we do not remove the skin (it contains many substances that support liver function and the excretion of heavy metals from the body) and seed nests (seeds are rich in vitamin B17). We put it in a blender cup. We pour lemon juice, celery, if we like its taste and 2 glasses of water. Mix until you get a homogeneous consistency. The liver cleansing mixture is ready to eat.

Apples are rich in dietary fiber and malic acid. The latter organic compound helps cleanse the liver ducts (moreover, it prevents the formation of kidney stones). The juice from these fruits dissolves stagnation in the liver and removes all deposits (acts as a broom, which also eliminates free radicals).

Many people eat an apple or drink juice from this fruit before going to bed so that the liver can regenerate at night, which improves blood condition. In addition, this product lowers cholesterol and pressure, facilitates metabolism, reduces appetite. In contrast, citrus juice provides antioxidants that fight free radicals and support detoxification.

Apple and lemon drink is recommended to drink for 6 days. It is best to eat it on an empty stomach. During this time, we avoid fried, dairy and protein products. As a result, we will naturally cleanse the liver and prevent its infection.

2.2. Recipe Two

Ingredients list:

  • half a cucumber with skin,
  • 4 carrots with a skin,
  • celery stalk.

A method of preparing:

We wash the ingredients under running water and cut them into small pieces. We put the vegetables in the blender cup and mix until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. The mixture is recommended to drink for a week in the morning.

Its basic ingredient – carrots – provides many vitamins (including C, from group B) and minerals (potassium, calcium and phosphorus). They help the liver cleanse (break down) harmful substances, so that this organ is not susceptible to infection. Carrots are also a source of beta-carotene with antioxidant properties. This vegetable detoxifies and revitalizes this important organ.

Fresh carrot juice improves not only the liver, but also the stomach and pancreas. What’s more, it supports slimming, because it cleanses the digestive system, so that foods are digested faster.

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