With whom to choose a wedding dress?

With whom to choose a wedding dress?

Mum must be. Marysia’s grandmother is absolutely necessary. Aunt Stasia would not miss such an opportunity. Uncle Aunt Krystyna and her daughter Marta came specially from the other end of Poland. The godmother with her brother-in-law and great-grandfather Miecie are coming soon. Family meeting? No, choosing a wedding dress.

Relax, you’ll be a princess at your wedding. Soon we will find the perfect creation and look for golden slippers … but do you really need this royal entourage now, as befits a real lady?

With whom to choose a wedding dress?

Choosing a wedding dress is simply difficult, so we need the help of our loved ones. Cases in which future brides fall into the first salon and fall in love with this one, unique outfit and despite pressure from the companions firmly refuse to carry out further searches, they occur extremely rarely. We are women – we love shopping, we like to look good, indecision is the middle name of many of us. We assume that the wedding dress must be perfect and should delight everyone. It’s a bit like the first impression that can be done only once – we choose a creation for a unique and unique occasion, one for life. At least in theory.

The answer to a seemingly simple question – with whom to choose a wedding dress – often creates a lot of difficulties. Although in most cases the list of volunteers is long and the interest is huge, many advisors are simply not suitable for this role. What you need the most is objectivity, critical and rational assessment of the situation, healthy commitment and patience. Choose people who know your style and preferences best, know which dress you would not put on for any money and for which handbag you could cut.

Bet on quality, not quantity – do you really think that 15, even the most trusted people will be better than one specific and firm? If so, have your questionnaire ready, because you will need to prepare statistical analysis and charts after this attempt. I also bet that most of you have only thought of women – mothers, sisters, friends … Believe it or not – the male element in these temples of femininity such as wedding fashion salons is in many cases salutary. Think about what you really expect from advisers – are you open and ready for any criticism? Or maybe you only count on delight and praise?


Closest family

This is by far the most common choice, dictated by each person’s natural reflexes. In 95% of cases, the bride is accompanied by her mother. In fact, it all depends on the relationships that connect you. When your wedding ideas go in completely different directions, it can get really hot! We often subconsciously try to impose their own vision on their children. Ah, these American films, in which the daughter goes to the altar in the wedding creation of her mother … Girls, be firm and do not let yourself squeeze into the dress that pleases mother, grandmother, aunt. Everyone, not you. By the way, grandmothers usually like everything or nothing – I don’t know what’s worse …

There is one more problem with family choices. In many cases, the family sponsors the bride with the dress and then it starts to get awkward. In short, I pay and demand. One can often see unpleasant scenes when the most important heroine of this special day becomes a mannequin on which she is only trying on dresses. Think about this issue and, if necessary, discuss it with your family to avoid disappointment later.

With whom to choose a wedding dress?

Friends and colleagues

It is said that friends are a family that we choose ourselves. It is hard to imagine this unique celebration without their participation. Future brides often visit wedding fashion salons assisted by trusted friends. Their help is often crucial. But be careful of those who do not want to help, and with their negative comments can only harm. Women are often blinded by jealousy – why should she look better than me? Why does every dress lie on her figure perfectly? On the other hand, avoid false smoothies – their opinion is far from objectivity.


More and more women are looking for a dream wedding dress with her fiance. When our mothers and grandmothers hear it, they probably panic – the groom should under no circumstances watch his future wife in a dress, because it brings bad luck. Superstitions – superstitions – who could express a more honest and forced opinion than the person with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life? Many brides do not want to take their partners to try on, arguing with the desire to make a thunderous impression on their wedding day. Think – it’s just guys. For the wedding, they’ll forget three times whether you were wearing an elegant chiffon fish or tulle princess, embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Anyway – show me who knows what a chiffon is …

Just a guy

I am an ardent supporter of the view that only a man can think rationally in a room full of charming lace, shimmering satin and ethereal silk. Gentlemen have very good taste, and in addition you can count on 100% honesty. Involve your dad, brother, colleague in the search … I know that for most guys the prospect of spending a few hours in wedding fashion salons is simply terrifying, but … Remember that there are very comfortable couches and nice wedding consultants. I think these are strong arguments.

A good adviser is always included, but trust your intuition above all.If you prefer to make your own choice, then simply buy your dream dress, whether your mother, sister or aunt like it … Take a look for someone who will immediately see the admiration in your eyes when you try on the only dream dress. And then you won’t want to download it again 🙂

Who did you take with you to look for a wedding dress? 🙂

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